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Spiritual Health

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in the body. When you take care of your spiritual health, your mental and physical health align easily.

Mental Health

Mental Health refers to the soul/mind. It the part of a human being where ideas are conceived, a place for emotions.

This is a crucial and delicate aspect of man but unfortunately, people are indirectly restrained from talking about their mental health because of the stigma attached to it.


This part of The Leading Nation involving creativity and talent. It is about being positive and making an impact in our daily lives. The idea of this blog started with my business. I wanted to have a blog about being creative, making new things, and having fun at it, then I realized, I could incorporate other things.

Our courses on Mental Health and Destiny

There is a lot going on in the world and this seems to be worsening. People are so busy with life that they have little time to spend taking care of themselves. One thing we should have at the back of our mind is, we don’t live forever, people come and go. The day a baby is born, another soul leaves planet earth.

Having this in mind, we should be aware that we are responsible for whatever path we choose in life and one way to be on the right path is to have stable mental health.

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